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Deciding once acquainted with parquet closer, you will discover a new world. To help you navigate in this world, we have compiled a summary of the most important properties and distinctive features of the parquet.


The decisive when choosing flooring becomes your lifestyle. Choose the flooring that fits you, your home and the atmosphere emphasizes its environment.


The intensity of the light, its direction and the color (for example, artificial light) have a decisive influence on the perception of the parquet. So, with long facets you can direct the light and covered with parquet oil, create it intriguing glimpses of light.

Surface treatment of wood

Modern parquet floors emphasize the character of the wood. Medullary rays or leveled cracks show the proximity to the natural raw material. and partial removal of soft wood fibers emphasize the uniqueness of the wood texture. We cover our parquet flooring exclusively natural oils, giving a feeling of natural wood while delivering high performance. As a result, using the parquet appears very pleasant, with nothing incomparable feeling for the feet.


Good air is important – and this contributes to a tree. A healthy mind parquet floors from Woodberry makes your breath easy and free. In addition, the natural properties of wood make it a kind of natural “climate control” and the smoothness of the surface makes this floor easy to clean.


The surface of the flooring – this is why we go for what we stand. In simplified form, today we can speak of a single natural coating for wood-processing of the highest quality natural oils that are absorbed in the upper microns wood and protect it from the inside and outside.