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When purchasing materials people today come from other criteria than a few years ago. They do not just buy flooring and flooring chosen to deliberately arrange their living space, in accordance with personal needs. We share this desire. Architectural concept faithful expression of personal style and sense of human living space – that we are guided by combining a variety of colors and types of flooring treatments.


Environmental responsibility.


The future of our children is laid today. Those who work with wood, natural material, is fully aware of its responsibility towards nature. Only those who are aware of the delicate balance of the ecosystem, understands how responsible the work. Responsibility for the future, we consider it our special and very serious challenge – both in the social and environmental sphere.

FSC certified timber and the certificate of origin of wood from controlled sources: About 95% of our wood comes from a proven and reliable in terms of the renewal of forest land in Eastern Europe. One of the oldest and most stringent laws – Forest legislation of Switzerland in 1835: it allows only the use of renewable forest resources. We are guided by the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ® -Forest Stewardship Council), as well as our own high standards – “The wood of controlled origin”.