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Loft parquet Woodberry – is a natural and practical material for the floor. Fashion and contrasting colors perfectly suited to your stylish interior .


The bottom layer is made of high quality moisture resistant birch plywood. It conforms to European safety standards E-1.

Gluing: Japanese high-tech adhesive systems, allowing to use the board with underfloor heating * and humid **.

Work layer: selected oak lamella 6mm

Covering: eco-friendly oil premium European brands without volatile organic compounds and heavy metals. Unique colors Woodberry.

Benefits loft parquet Woodberry before a massive board.

Loft – parquet Woodberry – retains all the advantages of solid wood, due to the increased up to 6 mm top layer of wood. Using plywood allows you to save as much as wood stable condition for many years of use.

At its core, loft flooring Woodberry – a “stable” solid wood. Work layer 6 mm corresponds to the thickness of the working layer made of most solid flooring. Since in solid wood or classical piece parquet used is a layer located above the tongue-and-groove wood flooring plank.

Through the use of plywood is possible to manufacture strips of width up to 300 mm without fear of transverse and longitudinal buckling inherent in solid wood.

Just loft parquet Woodberry has a significant advantage in terms of stability of the board at the front of the massive changes in indoor climate. For example, increasing the temperature and humidity of a significant reduction in space during the heating season.

* Ability to use with underfloor heating. See instructions.

** Can be laid in bathrooms and heated rooms. See instructions.