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When choosing flooring, we recommend using the following methods:

1 Engineering method


1.1 The thickness of the parquet

This criterion is very important, as a rule, parquet borders with other surfaces, such as tile, door sills, etc. Therefore, you should select all of the materials used in advance.

1.2 Place stacking

Since loft parquet Woodberry is a multi-layer structure, is made from the highest quality components, it can be used in bathrooms and underfloor heating (see the. Instructions)

1.3 Method for laying

Parquet, depending on the design and facilities can be placed in different ways: gluing to screed, to plywood, laid on the joists etc. (see. the section) So decide on a method of laying, as well as with the thickness should be at the design stage.


2 The aesthetic method

2.1 Colour
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Most interior designers say the most striking characteristics of the floor is its color. The widest range of colors offers oak. Natural look of wood is achieved by using a unique technology of pigmentation in which the timber retains peculiar only to her unique texture and acquires individual and unique tone. From the snow-white to shades of gray storm. From noble cognac to black pearl colors to suit all tastes. And for the most demanding customers, we are ready to create an exclusive solution.

2.2 Size

Size parquet increasingly comes to the fore. From the narrow strips to large format multi-layer board – now everything becomes possible. The size is selected in accordance with a particular purpose and the place of laying. Thus, large boards especially elegant look in large, light-flooded rooms give them the space and significance. In areas of medium size short strip parquet, .


2.3 Surface and structure

The peculiarity of the wood can emphasize different types of processing. Thus, the size of the chamfer stress the parquet elements and direct light. Brushing gives the tree a thin and tangible structure and underlines the nuances of the reflection of light.


2.4 Sorting of wood

Each piece of wood there are areas with a strong character and a more peaceful areas. Art parquet production is to select the most suitable and quality sorting Therefore a combination of them with a variety of treatments and colors, in order to give the floor its necessary character. This generally can speak of two styles: the first – a more peaceful, are absent or present in only a small number of knots and veins, and the second – a “living” with the characteristic knots, cracks and differences in tone.